Sacred Kitchen is a collaborative dining celebration that brings people together to create extraordinary food, break bread, and experience heartfelt connections.

At Sacred Kitchen events participants come together to prepare mouth watering multi-course meals and have inspiring conversations under the guidance of chef Jesse Bloom.

Each course is infused with a spicy blend of humor, vulnerability, and powerful facilitation to create an experience where everyone feels welcomed, deeply appreciated, and invited to show up authentically.

Combining the intimacy of a deep conversation, the warmth and joy of a family supper, and the ancient ritual of breaking bread together, Sacred Kitchen is an utterly unique experience that can help you:

  • Connect more deeply with your community or your team
  • Honor and celebrate someone special and their momentous occasion or
  • Orchestrate a fabulous send-off into a new phase of life for a loved one

A Sacred Kitchen Story

Andy’s Honoring Dinner

Andy was returning to Germany to re-establish a connection with his son. He wanted to honor and celebrate his community while understanding how he had impacted them. Watch the video below and see how we left him with a full belly and a full heart!

Sacred Kitchen is for...

  • Your Transformational Retreat. Jesse has been retreat catering since 2007. He loves to share. His clients include the Global Youth Peace Summit, The Shift Network and River of Bliss Trip, and Source Tantra. 

  • Celebrating a significant birthday. Don’t want to have the same old party? You not only want it to be fun, but to be meaningful and heartfelt. I can help you craft a joyful night that will not only be memorable but will remind you and your friends of your most profound gifts and inspiration.

  • A creative team building event. Your team at work will leave with a deeper sense of connection to themselves and to each other. You'll be amazed at how our connection in the kitchen translates to more effectiveness at work.  

  • Recently rebounded from a divorce or separation and you’re ready to celebrate your new lease on life? You are ready to let your community know you are alive and well, and you want to feel their support.  I can help you throw a party that boosts your spirit, rekindles your attractiveness, and galvanizes your community.

  • Moving away from loved ones you love and respect? You want to show your appreciation for how people have shown up for you and you want to fill up on their love before you go. I can help you create a magical night that you will remember for the rest of your life.

  • Launching a new business or career and you are ready to start with a bang while honoring what came before? I can help you create an event that launches you into what’s possible while honoring the gifts and connections from your past.

Why do we need Sacred Kitchen?:


Sacred Kitchen is an antidote in a fast paced world that values commerce over connection and relentless productivity over stillness and calm. Sacred Kitchen address our yearning to drop in and slow down, to connect deeply, and our desire to be seen by others for the best that is in us.

Food is our most basic means of connecting with ourselves, our community, and our families. Like nothing else, food evokes our sense of belonging and Home. Sacred Kitchen consciously nourishes these connections so that we can feel connected to ourselves and our people.

As a culture we have rituals and ceremonies to celebrate graduations and weddings but there are critical "threshold" moments when we are left wanting for a deeper sense of community, connection, and support.  There are no proscribed events for a career changes, divorces, retirements, or moves away from our established communities. Often, even our traditional celebrations like birthdays and baby showers leave us wanting for the authentic connection we most crave. Sacred Kitchen creates public and private spaces for just the kind of community connection we are yearning for.

Past Sacred Kitchen Events

A Playful and Delicious Culinary Celebration of Our Ancestors

Thirty gathered at a stunning private home to honor our ancestors and the gifts that come through us. We cooked, connected, and told moving tales that left us with tears of honor and appreciation for those who had come before.

See the photo album and menu here.

Cook Like a King – 6 Courses to Sensuality and Intimacy

Ten men from the “Be the King” Men’s Group invited their dates (some were partners of many years, and some had never met) for an evening of sensuality and connection. For several hours they prepared the space and the meal and their dates arrived to a banquet and an experience fit for a Queen.

See the menu and lessons here.

Interested in having your own Sacred Kitchen event or have chef Jesse Bloom handle the food at your multi-day transformational retreat?

(It’s complimentary and you'll get great suggestions for what you can do to make your event spectacular and meaningful)