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Connecting and Inspiring Teams, Leaders, Investors, and the Communities they serve

In the business and non-profit worlds, relationships are the axis point upon which our work worlds turn.  Creating beautiful relationships with all members of our communities: co-workers, stakeholders, and customers has a real impact on our happiness and our bottom line.

One part cooking class and one part facilitated workshop, Sacred Kitchen produces events that will leave your people with a warm belly, an open heart, and excitement about their role in your cause.

Whether it’s your quarterly offsite team building event, annual fundraiser, or an appreciation dinner for your key stakeholders, we’d love to make a memorable and delicious experience with your people:

Sacred Kitchen’s Secret Sauce:

Here is how an event works:

After a warm greeting of appetizers and hellos from the Sacred Kitchen Team, your group is guided through a series of connection exercises to help each person land in the room. Then your team is invited to embrace curiosity while stepping into a novel environment. 

Then we jump into the kitchen and start cooking in small teams. The meal making becomes a real-time laboratory to get to know each other in a new way and our post-meal conversation becomes a space to hone communication skills of reflection and empathy. 

Why are beautiful relationships so important for organizations and communities:

We live in a time of limited bandwidth and the competition for our attention is intense. (Congratulations if you’ve made it this far into the text of the website!)  As we manage the overwhelm of our modern daily landscape--navigating inevitable relationship complexities gets much easier when our co-workers and stakeholders have a felt sense that they are appreciated. 

Taking time and space to nurture those relationship is a long term investment with high yields. Sacred Kitchen designs and executes those experiences so that your entire team can drop in and enjoy them.

How Sacred Kitchen creates memorable experiences: 

Sacred Kitchen provides participants with an ideal format to take risks in a safe and welcoming environment. Taking risks requires stepping outside of our comfort zones and producing a meal in a limited time frame provides just the right amount of compression for an impactful and fun experience. 

Humans are also neurologically wired to let their guard down when they eat together. When we combine our natural instinct to connect over a meal with a safe space to take risks, and the pure enjoyment of great food – remarkable things happen.

During the meal you will have a chance to appreciate your teammates and be appreciated. It’s the ideal environment to invite donations and investments or to have an authentic conversation with a co-worker.

Why do you call it “Sacred” Kitchen?

A contemporary definition of sacred is “worthy of reverence and respect”. When we make a meal together we are participating in the oldest of human rituals---one that connects us to each other, our planet, and the past.   It reminds us of our culture and that it takes the work of innumerable people--chefs, farmers, truck drivers, cooks, dishwashers, servers and many others to bring food to our table. In a word, food and cooking are sacred. 

An ancient definition of sacred is “outside of.” We invite attendees to take a step outside of their normal ways of relating and connect at a deeper level in a light and fun way. We believe in the power of empathy, curiosity, and authentic vulnerability. At Sacred Kitchen these are the guiding principles of our lives not just our business.

Food is the Universal Language. Humans have been breaking bread together for as long as there have been humans. In a world that feels increasingly polarized, we believe that cooking and eating together while relating authentically and powerfully is the magic ingredient that just may make a huge difference.

Let’s talk and see how we can bring the Sacred (and the Kitchen) to you: 

What Clients Have Said –

“Sacred Kitchen is an incredible fundraising vehicle for us. Chef Jesse’s leadership and vision helped us to move our event forward with ease, setting us up for success on every level. From meeting with us to dream, to creating check-in points to keep us on track, to providing coaching and inspiration for every detail: Jesse brought his expertise, wisdom and care to make sure our guests had an extraordinary experience. We are already ready to plan our next Sacred Kitchen event!” 

-Vicki Abadesco
Founder, Director of Infinite Possibilities, Soul Shoppe

We had Sacred Kitchen come in for a team dinner. We are a close knit group that isn’t very touchy feely. I wasn’t sure how the facilitated aspect of the evening was going to work for our team. Jesse’s facilitation was deft and I was impressed when our team began opening up and telling stories over dinner.  The food was also awesome!

John Clark Mills-
Zenput, CTO