Offsite Retreat Catering

Do you want to create an amazing experience for your guests at a multi-day retreat. Is the quality of food and the happiness of the staff important to you? Jesse and his team have been catering offsite retreats since 2007. Jesse loves feeding people and has a special talent for feeding groups with many special dietary requests. Jesse is invigorated by cooking for large groups and he has run kitchens producing as many as 4,000 meals a day (Yeah, SOCAP).

He loves the challenges of making any environment work and doing so with a smile on his face and a wiggle in his hips.

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This year Jesse and his SK team will be dancing and cooking at NCDC in the Sierra’s come join us! 

His past clients include IDEATE @ Burning Man, The Global Youth Peace Summit, The Shift Network and River of Bliss Trip, Source Tantra, and the Northern California Dance Congress.

Here's what past clients have said –

"It was a pleasure to work with Jesse and his team. He created amazing meals each time with a huge smile on his face, despite very rugged conditions in a rustic-riverside kitchen. We also had a limited budget and he was willing to create creative, healthy and love-filled dishes three times a day for a group of over 100 people. Jesse is very charismatic and everyone on our trip seemed to really enjoy him.  He creates a great ambiance for mealtimes. So We love Jesse and his team, and we expect you will too!"

– Devaa Haley Mitchell, Co-Founder, The Shift Network


“Jesse came onto our core team onsite at the Burn. Despite not having worked with us before he handled the stresses and myriad variables of working on the Playa in stride.  His job was to be the point person for coordinating all kitchen logistics(plumbing, electricity, rotating product, food ordering) while also organizing our campers into volunteers shifts to produce brunch and dinner daily.  Jesse was consistently personable and friendly with all of our campers, yet his friendliness didn’t get in the way of his ability to get things done in stressful situations.

With Jesse on board, for the first time several of our key organizers were able to shift their focus off of the food and production and onto other areas of our camp. 

Jesse was certainly a rockstar for our community and I highly recommend his services to those looking for onsite retreat catering.”

– Evan Steiner, Co-founder IDEATE


“Jesse Bloom was our caterer on the River of Bliss camp in August 2016. He worked magic to accommodate everyone's different ways of eating.  Everything was so delicious and the menu he put together was just outstanding.
He strived to use mostly organic locally sourced produce. He and his team went the extra mile to make sure the presentation was beautiful as well.  

He was creative and innovative while working with my budget.  He was very organized with his team and his planning. It was such a pleasure to work with him in the planning stages.  He was very communicative, thorough and accommodating which I very much appreciated. He truly partnered with us and I could see how he was a true professional.

One of the other reasons we enjoyed having Jesse as our caterer is how he puts so much love into everything.  After attending one of his Sacred Kitchen events it was clear I would love to bring this element of gathering with intention and food together through intention circles before meals.  He was like another presenter, not just a chef.

I would most certainly work with him again and highly recommend him.”

– Sara Sue Stein, River of Bliss