Investor Dinners and Fundraisers

Sacred Kitchen is a unique and stunning way to invite your funders and supporters to give to your organization.

We create an elegant atmosphere of connection and ease, even amongst people who have never met. It’s the perfect preparation for the personal impact stories and ask that will leave your people feeling inspired, nourished and wanting to give more.  

Here is how it works:

Guests are warmly greeted with appetizers as they walk into a beautifully set room. Immediately a tone of anticipatory delight is established. Then Chef Jesse introduces the event, the plan, and makes sure everyone understands the basics of the kitchen, before we being cooking together. 

This is an unexpected format for a fundraiser and contrasts with a typical cocktail party and plated dinner. People get into it, literally. The result is a fun and invigorating way for people to get relational with each other quickly.  Nothing unites people like a shared task--and when dinner is on the line-- cooperation and smiles are inevitable.

With the room primed with laughter, good food, and comfort it’s a perfect time to make a pitch for your organization. Chef Jesse has spent years working in and with businesses that rely on the support of their funders. He understands that every details has be thought through and has spent years developing this specific format of Sacred kitchen.  He’ll partner with your organization as an event planner, to strike just the right tone at the event, customizing the facilitation and experience to highlight the essence of your business and make sure it’s an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Sacred Kitchen also offers facilitation services for larger scale gala events where a catered meal is called for. 

If you are planning your next fundraiser we’d love to hear from you:

What Clients Have to Say –

I had the privilege of working with Jesse on fundraiser. Jesse’s passion for our cause and expertise in facilitating opportunities for connection and fun is masterful. Throughout the process he stayed focused on the intentions for our event. He was resourceful in helping us with the budget and his staff was lovely.

All of the attendees at our event enjoyed the opportunity to cook and to eat the delicious food we created. It was a unique and delightful twist for a fundraising event.  I enjoyed all of our interactions. I look forward to future partnerships and collaborations with Jesse and his team. I believe anyone who works with Sacred Kitchen will be overjoyed by what they bring to the table. 

Enjoy the celebration!

– Janet Tillman, Fundraising Consultant

Case Study: My Kitchen Hero Event