Frequently Asked Questions
for Organizations

Sounds great. How much does it cost?

Our events are completely customized and costs vary depending on the venue,  number of attendees. menu, and facilitation design. Our corporate events usually end up between $150-200/person. We have special rates for non-profits, please contact us. Our pricing does not include venue rental fees. 

Where can you do a Sacred Kitchen?

Sacred Kitchen can produce an event almost anywhere in the world. We can do an event at your office (with portable burners and stoves) and our favorite venues have access to a commercial kitchen. 

We have a list of venues that we love to work with. We are happy to find the right venue for your group.

How long does it last? What are our options?

Our making a meal from start to finish events are 3-4 hours depending on the programming and venue. 

We offer day long leadership retreats that include lunch.

Our Lunch and Lead program provides lunch and a sample of chef Jesse’s facilitation in 75 minutes.

How do you coordinate a Sacred Kitchen Event?

We work with corporate leaders, business operations directors, HR Departments and executive admins to create a customized event tailored to your organization. Fill out an event consultation and Jesse will contact you directly to discuss your organizations event.

What size of events do you produce?

We’ve done events for 5-500. Our core team produces events for up to 150 people. We partner with local catering companies to produce large scale events so don’t hesitate to contact us no matter the size.

If you are interested in Sacred Kitchen as an offsite event retreat caterer, visit our page here.

We have a limited budget, can we still work with Sacred Kitchen? 
Lunch and Lead--Curious but not ready for a corporate offsite? We offer a lunch and lead program to sample our food and Jesse’s facilitation for around $50/person. 

We don’t have the facilities for a commercial kitchen, can we still work with you?

Yup, totally. We can bring an experience to your office and we invite to look at our extensive list of venues.

We aren't in the San Francisco Bay Area?

No problem. We can produce events anywhere. Call us and let's see what's possible