Extraordinary Celebrations FAQs

How do I get started: The Interview process

We’ll ask questions about menu design and service style, budget and facilitation needs and offer you a proposal based on that conversation. 

How do I book an event?

Once you have agreement on a proposal we receive a 50% deposit to hold the date.

How much time does it take to coordinate an event:

There is no minimum time commitment to set up a Sacred Kitchen event. In our initial interview, we’ll get a sense of what you need and want and plan accordingly.

What makes an event a “Sacred Kitchen” event: 

Our events always include a moment of mindfulness when people are invited to connect in with themselves and each other. Our food events range from catered affairs that include a toast and mindfulness moment to cooking together experiences where everyone is hands-on to week long retreats where all meals are handled by the Sacred Kitchen Team.

How far out are you booking? What’s your availability? How much notice do you need?

We are a small team and we give a lot to our clients. As a boutique event planning company, we have a limited number of events monthly. We encourage you to book out as soon as possible (6+ months for large affairs). That said, sometimes we have openings in our schedule and we can produce an event in as little as a week.

Where do you do events?

We can produce an event anywhere in the world. After all, food is the Universal Language. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and have an extensive list of venues that we love working with if you are looking for a space. 

Do you do catered events? 


Can you cater a wedding?

Yes. Jesse has been catering professionally since 2003 and has catered dozens of weddings. 

How much does it cost?

Catering budgets vary widely depending on venue, logistics, and service style. Our catering budgets for simple affairs start near $100 per person. $150+ per is more common. 

What kind of food do you cook?

California cuisine's emphasis on seasonal, local, and organic produce paired with ethically raised animal products are at the heart of Sacred Kitchen menus. In the spirit of inclusivity, we provide a vegan and gluten free option at all of our events.  Jesse loves cooking food from all of the world and can best be described as Global Soul Food. If you have something specific you are looking for---chances are we can make a tasty rendition of it.