Morgan and Peter’s Un-Coupling Ceremony

The ending of a relationship is not a failure. It’s a celebration!
Peter and Morgan hired Sacred Kitchen to cater a weekend long retreat for their wedding.  During the planning process they realized they were not compatible as partners. They wanted to uncouple in a conscious and loving way and said “yes” to the idea of creating a Sacred Kitchen “unwedding.”

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Lessons from Grandma Ruth at 101: Asking the Right Question & "Being"

I journeyed to my hometown in rural Colorado to spend New Year's with my Grandmother Ruth who is approaching 101. It’s amazing that she is still alive. In fact, this is probably at least my 10th annual “last time to ever see Ruth trip” trip.

I came bearing the weight of the perhaps crass question on most everyone's mind: Why is Ruth still alive? What I learned from Ruth while sitting with her and that question blew me away. 


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