About Jesse Bloom

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Jesse is a leadership facilitator and chef with almost 20 years of experience leading teams in the joyful art of making beautiful deliciousness. Jesse’s unique facilitation style combines his management experience, leadership coaching, lifelong study of aikido, and the lessons he’s learned as a parent into a heartfelt practice that brings out the best in his clients and their companies. 

In addition to Sacred Kitchen events, Jesse has a micro-coaching practice working with  a handful of high impact leaders helping them get clear about who they are and what they stand for in their most important relationships.  Learn about Jesse's coaching here. 

Jesse is cares deeply about social justice and he is passionate about creating a felt sense of welcome for all people at his events and in his community.   Jesse lives in Oakland, loves to dance, and is the father of a 9 year old son, Elijah.   

The Sacred Kitchen Team

Chef Sam Lippman:

Sam Lippman is a holistic chef, consultant, and culinary instructor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chef Sam began his culinary career as a specialist in raw vegan cuisine and expanded his repertoire to include food of all varieties along with restaurant and food program management. Chef Sam created and lead Airbnb's in-house food program from 2011 through 2016, scaling scratch-made meals, snacks, and beverage services from 50 to 2,000 employees.  Sam brings his disarming use of humor and famous culinary puns to his role as Lead Event Chef for Sacred Kitchen.

Event Producer Tatiana Costa:

Tatiana Cost grew up in Brazil in a family of cooks. Large, lively family gatherings are her favorite childhood memories. Her passion for bringing people together and food led her to aa degree in Hospitality Management from SFSU. She has been planning large scale (up to 6000!) and corporate culinary events for the past 5 years in the Bay Area.