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Connecting and Inspiring Teams & Leaders

One part cooking show and one part leadership workshop, our customized events  are unlike anything you've experienced. 

We all know that relationships are the core of business – whether that’s relationships within projects, connecting with investors, or developing leaders. Organizations everywhere are striving to create environments where people from all backgrounds feel respected and valued.

Sacred Kitchen is a unique and inspiring take on a corporate relationship-building event that is one part cooking show and one part leadership workshop.

Chef Jesse Bloom, founder of Sacred Kitchen has almost 20 years of experience leading teams in the joyful art of making beautiful deliciousness.  Jesse is a seasoned facilitator, leadership coach, and start up entrepreneur who is passionate about supporting people’s personal growth.

At the intersection of these worlds of food and interpersonal development lives Sacred Kitchen, a place where preparing and sharing food are the key ingredients for creating powerful connections amongst diverse team members.

Let's explore how a Sacred Kitchen event could support your Organization:

Sacred Kitchen's Secret Sauce:

Why creating connection is so important for teams and leaders: 

A high profile recent study at Google shows that the single most ingredient on high performing teams is their sense of psychological safety. This type of safety is defined as a widely-held belief that the team is a safe for interpersonal risk taking.

These teams perform higher on every level from revenue generation to retention, from self-reported happiness to supervisor-rated effectiveness.

How Sacred Kitchen creates safety and connection:

Sacred Kitchen provides participants with an ideal format to take risks in a safe and welcoming environment. Taking risks requires stepping outside of our comfort zones and producing a meal in a limited time frame provides just the right amount of compression for an impactful and fun experience.

Humans are also neurologically wired to let their guard down when they eat together. When we combine our natural instinct to with a safe space to take risks, and the pure enjoyment of great food – remarkable things happen. 

Here is how an event works:

After a warm greeting of appetizers and hellos from our staff, your team is guided through a series of connection exercises to help everyone land in the room. Then everyone is invited to embrace their inner leader while stepping into the vulnerability and curiosity of being in a novel environment. These invitations to take risks are key elements of creating psychological safety .

Then we jump into the kitchen and start cooking in small teams. The meal making becomes a real-time laboratory to experience our leadership styles and our post-meal conversation becomes a space to hone the communication skills of reflection and empathy.

Attendees will leave with happy bellies and feeling inspired and connected with each other.

The kitchen: a perfect learning laboratory for leadership.

Your CEO may not be as comfortable in the kitchen as her administrative assistant. People have the opportunity to let themselves shine---or to let others take the lead in a new way. When we add the wrinkle of time constraints and a deadline (sound familiar?), people’s natural personality types and leadership tendencies in a group emerge.

Your cooking experience becomes a prompt for conversation about how do we show up at work and in our teams. We share the key ingredients for powerful leadership through excellent communication and people leave with a deeper level of understanding of themselves and others--all while having fun and a great meal.

Sacred Kitchen Events are good for:

  • Team Building – Including helping new teams gel, working with teams that are struggling, and creating connection across teams. Skip the ropes course and puzzle rooms this year and have a Sacred Kitchen experience!
  • Leadership Retreats – Chef Jesse works with executive and leadership teams to help them collaborate more effectively and amplify their vision for the organization, using Sacred Kitchen experiences as a powerful and inspiring context for relationship-building and strategic work.
  • Investor Dinners and Fundraisers – Sacred Kitchen creates an extraordinarily positive and energized atmosphere for you and your investors or donors to enjoy a meal together and connect deeply before you ask for contributions to your cause. 

Why Sacred Kitchen:



  • Food is a Powerful Catalyst for Connection – Humans have been breaking bread together forever and we are neurologically designed to relax and connect over a meal.

  • It's a Unique, Fun, and Inspiring Event – We don’t know anything else quite like it.

  • Developing Relational Skills of Communication and Empathy – Nothing is more important in the kitchen than clear and kind communication, and the learning of these skill is transferrable.

  • Learning The Key Ingredients of Leadership – Sacred Kitchen provides a unique lens to look at and shape your company culture and leadership dynamics.

  • Master Facilitator | Master Chef – Chef Jesse's 20 years of culinary creativity combine with a deft facilitation touch to create a never-before-seen experience that your people will be buzzing about for days.

  • Customized to Your Company Culture – We take your core values and themes to create an experience that will resonate with your people.

Bringing the Sacred into the Corporate

An ancient definition of sacred is “outside of” and a more contemporary version is “worthy of reverence and respect.” The Sacred Kitchen invitation is for attendees to take a step outside of their normal routine and ways of relating and connect at a deeper more authentic level.  

We believe in the power of empathy, curiosity, and authentic vulnerability. At Sacred Kitchen these are the guiding principles of our lives not just our business. They are sacred--worthy of respect and outside of the norm. But they don’t need to be, in fact we believe they are the key ingredients to making the world a better place.

Food is the Universal Language. Humans have been breaking bread together for as long as there have been humans. In a world that feels increasingly polarized, we believe that cooking and eating together while relating authentically and powerfully is the magic sauce that just might make a huge difference.

Call us to discuss how we can bring the Sacred (and the Kitchen) into your company culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds great, How much does it cost?

Our events are completely customized and costs vary depending on the venue,  number of attendees. menu, and facilitation design. Our events usually end up between $100-200/person and we have minimum charges based on venue and production logistics. Our pricing does not include venue rental fees.

Where can you do a Sacred Kitchen?

Sacred kitchen can do an event anywhere that a catering can be produced. In other words almost anywhere. We can do an event at your office (with portable burners and stoves) and our favorite venues have access to a commercial kitchen.

We have a list of venues that we have had good experience with and are happy to make suggestions or find a venue for you.

How long does it last? What are our options?

  • Our full events last 3-4 hours depending on the programming and venue.
  • We offer day long leadership retreats that include lunch.
  • Our Lunch and Lead program provides lunch and a sample of chef Jesses’ facilitation in 90 minutes.

Who do you work with? How can I coordinate a Sacred Kitchen Event?

We work with corporate leaders, business operations directors, HR Departments and executive admins to create a customized event tailored to your organization. Fill out an event consultation and Jesse will contact you directly to discuss your organizations event.

What size of events do you produce?

We’ve done events for 5-500. Our core team produces events for  up to 150 people. We partner with local catering companies to produce large scale events.

Let us know what you have in mind..

We have a limited budget, can we still work with Sacred Kitchen?

Curious but not ready for a corporate offsite? Our "Lunch and Lead" program offers organizations a chant  to sample our food and Jesse’s facilitation for $40-50/person

We don’t have the facilities for a commercial kitchen, can we still work with you?

Yes. We can do an event at your office (with portable burners and stoves) and our favorite venues have access to a commercial kitchen. We also have cold menus for venues that don't allow any heating elements.


Interested in having a Sacred Kitchen event? We'd love to hear from you..